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Much of our public sector work involves ‘plain Englishing’. For example, writing intranet pages to help staff answer enquiries or to provide advice for the general public.

For the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) website, our team of seven writers combined information from the Defra and BERR websites. We liaised with around 100 policy contacts to assess content, before we restructured, rewrote, shortened and added new content as necessary. We also managed the entire project from an editorial perspective. The result? One all-encompassing, clear, consistent site of around 500 pages.

Our Environment Agency work is nothing if not varied. It includes a website on coastal erosion, a magazine aimed at anglers, a Greener Business Report – explaining how regulation helps UK businesses reduce environmental impact – and the EA Wales annual report.

We’ve been writers on call for Australia Post for over seven years, writing thought leadership content and hundreds of sales team bios and LinkedIn profiles – as well as regular sales letters, eDMs and flyers.

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