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A brand relies on well-chosen words – to tell a story, add colour, create a unique voice, or articulate what it stands for (or against).

For Reckitt Benckiser we’ve developed product names for a new all-purpose vinegar-based cleaner, a revolutionary new dispenser format for the kitchen, and a range of sprays, solutions and wipes aimed mainly at pet owners.

The brief said, “Refresh the packaging on our fruit-based vitamin brand range, please. And link the brand to the fun side of the Olympic Games”. So we developed brand stories for eight Glaceau Vitamin Water variants, while incorporating each drink’s brand ‘truth’ in personality, style and functional benefits.

We’ve also told the stories of several US food brands, and named a variety of Aldi brands in the US (as well as in the UK and Australia).

Once we’d developed a unique voice for M6 Toll, we helped other communicators get on board with detailed guidelines and examples of how to apply it across a range of corporate communications, posters, press ads and radio commercials.

We’ve worked on several naming projects for Nestlé. These include brand development and brand extensions for Kit Kat and Yorkie.

How does Bacardi train bar staff across Europe? It started by asking us to help it develop a coherent narrative of the brand’s heritage, a story that started over 150 years ago in Cuba. Then adapt this for use in various media, including a video script and heritage roadshow.

We’ve helped rhipe reposition its cloud offer, White & Partners define its unique position in property advisory, and University of Western Sydney understand its audience for a new campus development – all with defined brand messaging matrices and tagline development.

Guidelines are a brand tool-kit essential these days. And we’ve developed voice guidelines for Melbourne IVF, IECL (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership), ARV (Anglican Retirement Villages) and start-up sustainable bottle manufacturer Frank Green.

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