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Everyone knows a well-written CV can improve your career prospects. So imagine what you can achieve with well-written reports, presentations, proposals, content, emails, even post-it notes.

In our experience, improving your writing takes practice and time. So while you can learn ideas during a half or full-day course, it rarely leads to deep understanding.

So we’ve come up with a cost-effective solution that fits into your working day, and guarantees that what you learn will stick. It’s tailored ‘on the job’ coaching, geared to your specific writing objectives.

And if there’s a group of you, we can run an introductory workshop to cover the basics, then follow this up with one-to-one coaching.

This means you have a highly experienced Writers writer on hand to coach you (by phone and email) as you practise on the pieces of work that matter to you most. Over time, you’ll become a more capable, confident and accomplished writer.

Clients come to us when they want to:

  • improve their own writing but don’t know where to start
  • give people or teams specific writing skills for their specific jobs
  • make sure everyone is writing in the same tone of voice
  • be sure that what they learn really sticks