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Word exchange in the UK

Elizabeth from our Writers Australia office dishes the dirt on her visit to the Writers office in Blighty. Warning: contains copy, with legs. Read more

The birth of a copywriter

My name’s Sean. I’m 23. And I’ve just spent the last month with Writers in their Bristol HQ doing work experience. I’ve had a great time, but there are a few things I’d like to say about it. Read more

The man who knew too much

Meet Joe. He's a smart guy, with a brain the size of a planet. He's invented the best widget in the world. Read his story. Spoiler: things don't end well for Joe. Read more

It’s not pedantry, it’s good business

We writers often have the mickey taken out of us because we’re such sticklers for grammar, spelling and punctuation. We get called tedious, annoying and worse. Why let it bother you so much? Can’t you just let it go? Why do you even care? Well, let me explain why. Read more