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You wouldn’t trust a plasterer to fix your boiler. You wouldn’t trust an accountant to service your car. And you wouldn’t trust Eric or Erica in Sales to remove your tooth.

All these tasks are better done by specialists. In the same way, writing is a specialist skill. By using a professional writer, you can give your messages the best chance of being read, understood and acted upon by your intended audience.

Here are five good reasons to hire a professional writer:

1. To get your message across. We’re all drowning in stuff to read, so why should anyone read your words above something else? A good writer gives the reader reasons to read.

2. To give your communications the best chance of being understood. Experienced writers bring a vital external perspective, and write in the reader’s language.

3. To create a clear and logical draft. Clarity of writing usually follows clarity of thought. A writer’s major skill is structuring your content and messages in a logical way, so it makes sense and keeps the reader’s attention from start to finish.

4. To save you time. Most people aren’t very good at writing. Writing can be a long, hard slog if you’re not used to it. An experienced writer will almost certainly save you hours, but more likely days or even weeks.

5. To get the most from your budget. While the cost of a writer is relatively small, their contribution will make a huge difference to the end result. It can make all the money you might spend on design, production and distribution worthwhile.

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