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We can now reveal the words you voted for in our Writers ‘most hated’ and ‘most loved’ survey.

Drumroll please…

With the most votes is the wonderfully vague solutions, closely followed in silver and bronze positions by those twin meaning-vacuums innovative and going forward.

It seems we’re all agreed. It’s better to tell customers what we do, rather than offer a solution, while saying what new ideas you’ve actually come up with is preferable to being innovative going forward.

Other words high on the ‘hate’ list include, synergy, reaching out and blue sky thinking, with honourable mentions to guesstimate, leverage, engage, actionable and deliverable.

As for those words that leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Leading the way are – simple, effective, fresh, honest, need, understand and strategic. All words that communicate clearly, and actually say what they mean.

To this we say hoorah! And we hope these results go some way to proving that together, if we stay strong in the face of sometimes overwhelming odds, we can still win the battle for a world without jargon.

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