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We can all create content. Will it be any good, though?

Content represents a great opportunity, for brands, businesses and individuals – and for good writers. This is because the brands that stand out, or the brands that break through, recognise how important it is for their content to be ‘not rubbish’, or even better, ‘great’. We’re already awash with content, and a lot of it is rubbish because so many marketers still think it’s about quantity and not quality. Wrong. Tomorrow’s success stories already know how important it is to be measured, relevant, compelling, inclusive, inspiring, consistent, and reflective of the brand with its written tone of voice.

The writing bar is so much higher now, due to the sheer volume of content already out there.

Hence, as ANZ put it at Content Marketing World Sydney in March 2015, brands must “respect the importance of the editor as the defender of the relationship with your audience.” This is so true. It doesn’t matter how valid, engaging or game changing your message is, if you can’t express it properly to the right people.

And let’s also remember that content itself isn’t the game changer, it’s the relationship it helps you develop and maintain.



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