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From 21 April, Google’s ‘guidelines’ favour websites that work well across desktop, tablet and mobile. And lots of people have already been caught out by these new ‘mobile-friendliness’ rules (us included).

Web designers and developers will be busy for a while, then. But what about your content… the words that really get your messages across?

Maybe now’s the time to put them in order, too…

I mean, why spend the time and budget avoiding Google’s penalties, if people aren’t reading and acting on the words they can now see more clearly?

Functionality is important, but it’s often the words that let you down. And we don’t mean in terms of SEO – the rules have changed there, too. We mean content that’s concise, helpful, easy-to-read and act on. Words that will keep your audience reading. Writing that factors in the mobile experience.

It’s really important. At least as important as how mobile-friendly you are.

No time like the present…

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