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My name is Joe Santamaria and I’m sixteen years old. I have spent five days work experience at the Writers copywriting office in Bristol. I hope I can pass onto you as many of the ins and outs of my week here in this blog as possible.

With just five days of copywriting experience, I can’t pretend to be an expert. In fact, until recently I wasn’t sure what copywriting was. Now though, thanks to the advice and guidance I’ve received from Richard, Sean, Matt and George, I have learned a little about the art of copywriting. I have found that copywriting mostly requires common sense. Deciding whether to include technical words in a poster, or  if there is too much information in a flyer are examples of seemingly easy jobs that in reality are far from simple. Luckily for copywriters everywhere, common sense is not so common. Dealing with various clients and having to write extracts in posters, websites, leaflets and books are examples of the work I have seen here over the last five days. I leave here with a far greater understanding of advertising and the use of language in the media but more importantly a huge respect for copywriters everywhere.

This week has allowed me to work on my famously poor organisational skills which I believe have improved greatly since Monday. Working to deadlines is an important part of a copywriter’s job and I’ve had the pleasure of watching experienced professionals do this day in and day out. Copywriting is not and never will be the same from job to job. Every assignment is unique and each must be written to appeal to a different target audience from the last. Copywriters therefore must be adaptable and be able to place themselves in the customer’s shoes. Another part of the work here at Writers involves drinking copious amounts of tea which, until this week, I had no taste for. Now however, I cannot work without the stuff!

I’d like to thank all the guys for welcoming me into their workspace and for helping me whenever I needed their experience. In particular, I owe Richard my thanks for organising my work experience here. I’ve had a great time and have learned heaps of things about both copywriting and the world of work in general.

Joe Santamaria

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