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Why should you pay someone to write about your business, when you understand it better than anyone?

Good question. 

After all, you’re the expert. You know your product or service inside out – its features, how and why it works, its intricacies and complexities. You may have been involved in the lengthy process of developing and refining it to market-readiness. No-one knows more about it than you. So surely you’re the best placed to tell your customers all about it?

In a word, no. Your familiarity and expert knowledge can actually make it much harder for you to put your proposition into layman’s terms – and give customers just the right level of information they need to say ‘yes’. In short, the maker isn’t necessarily the best marketer.

A copywriter needs to know enough about your product or service to get its redeeming features and benefits across to your customers. We’re here to understand your audience and write with them foremost in our minds, and just like them, we don’t need the finer details. We can explain what it is, what it does, and why your readers want it – your key messages, in other words – in their simplest, most accessible terms.

Clearly, a good copywriter will have a good understanding of your industry or sector, and your competition. It won’t be extensive, but it doesn’t need to be. For example, we’re not experts in law, financial services, offshore oil drilling techniques or insurance, but we’ve helped plenty of clients who are.

So this is where our communications expertise does your expertise justice. It’s our business, and for it to be successful, we have to know it intimately, just like you know yours.

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