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You spend your day doing what?

Virtually anything involving words and ideas. Lots of writing, of course. Which really means reading and thinking more than hammering the keyboard. And there’s plenty of variety. The fun is in flitting between conceptual work – like campaign ideas, brand development or naming strategies – and the detail of sales literature, websites and internal comms. Plus getting my head around different businesses: yesterday it was medical products, payment processing and renewable energy.

There’s also the occasional change of scene, when I escape the office for briefings, new business meetings or workshops. Email, We Transfer and Dropbox mean opportunities to chat to clients are increasingly rare, so I grab them whenever I can.

What makes great copy, in your view?

A great idea. One that communicates a message clearly, convincingly and memorably. It’s usually about persuading people to do or buy something – to act or think differently. Great copy has real, long-lasting power. Heineken refreshes the parts… We can all finish that sentence.

Your best work

There are two sides to this: the jobs I’ve enjoyed the most, and those with nice client feedback. When the two collide, it’s very satisfying. Some recent work for Grant Thornton springs to mind, helping launch a new service to medium-size businesses. Long-standing relationships are also very rewarding, as you really get to know the client. With Howdens Joinery, I’ve worked on everything from kitchen brochures and recipe books to a history of the company and its charity work.

When you’re not working…

It’s an eclectic mix of wine tastings, band practices and Pilates classes – plus the odd early-morning jog to help justify a heavy tea-and-biscuits habit.

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Tony Gamble