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You spend your day doing what?

Mostly talking. In other words, building relationships with the agencies, businesses and brands we want to work with. To find out what they’re looking for from a copywriter and from a writing agency. Once I’ve got a good handle on that, I get one of the directors involved to help me work out exactly what we can do for them – whether that’s copywriting and editing, content strategy and creation, tone of voice and training, or one-to-one coaching. Occasionally, it’s the whole nine yards.

Do people need much convincing?

The fact the writing team has so much writing experience makes my job a bit easier. But as well as having a first-class writing resource on tap, I tell them we can help them win more business – whether it’s getting their own words in order, editing tenders and new biz proposals, or crafting headlines, sample copy or rationale for pitches. The thing is, words underpin the whole marketing process, from defining the strategy to writing the brief to the ‘deliverables’ themselves.

A perk of the job?

I get a real kick out of turning a ‘no’, into a ‘yes’. Perhaps my biggest ‘yes’ to date was getting myself a meeting with Sir Martin Sorrell. In 15 minutes he made two calls and accepted three, but he heard me out. It’s a great feeling picking a locked and bolted door! Especially when it turns into a project down the line. The nature of what I do means I’ve had phone relationships lasting years with some people. And when I check in with them it’s like catching up with an old friend.

 What does success look like to you?

Firstly, when a client tells me they have some work for us. And secondly, when they let me know what a great job the writing team’s done.

At the end of the day or on weekends…

My real passion is historical preservation, specifically the American Civil War. And when I’m not getting involved in fundraising campaigns to help restore a battlefield in Virginia, you can find me playing backgammon or trying to keep up with the lives of my four grown-up children.

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