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You spend your day doing what?

I’m really lucky, because I get to learn a lot every day – from exploring infrastructure spend trends and cyber security issues to learning about sustainability initiatives and heat pump mechanics. I do a lot of interviews, where I get chat to very smart and interesting people, soaking up a little of their knowledge along the way.

Then comes the fun part: I get to translate what I’ve learnt into stories that meet client briefs and engage readers.

Your secret to good writing

Asking, ‘So what? Why does this matter to the reader?’ This helps me weed out unnecessary information and keep my writing focused on what’s important to the audience.

Your best work

I love to dive deep into a topic and learn as much as I can, before organising it into a clear story that flows well and keeps readers interested. Coming up with new angles and ideas for how brands can tell their stories and reach new audiences is also where I thrive.

When I’m not writing I’m…

Trying to get outside as much as I can. I love reading and listening to podcasts (love my true crime stories) and I’m usually plotting my next adventure when my bank account allows it. I’m also a hobby photographer, with a specific interest in the abstract and landscapes (preferably together), but lately my lens has been more focused on my cheeky child.

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