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You spend your day doing what?

I spend a lot of time talking with clients and thinking about the best way to help solve their comms challenges. That could involve analysing what they’re already saying, helping them shape their proposition, defining their tone of voice, articulating what’s special about them, or explaining something complex, simply and clearly. If I’m lucky, I get to do all of these things for the same client.

Besides writing, I get involved in other things too. Quality control, new business, estimating, client services and offering project support and writing feedback to the team. I also do a bit of one-to-one coaching for clients and lead the occasional workshop.

Your secret to good writing

Ask why, what, who, when, and where. Then repeat till you have all the answers you need. After that, the writing bit usually takes care of itself.

Your best work

That’s a tough one. I’ve been copywriting for over 20 years – 15 with Writers – so I’ve got 1000s of projects under my belt. I’m really proud of our recent work for Vodafone. We’re bringing a humanity and warmth to what’s always been considered a dry and dull subject: enterprise communications and infrastructure. But it needn’t be. I also really like how we developed a tone of voice hand-in-hand with the agency and client to really set Carbon Law Partners apart from all the other law firms out there. A tone of voice any person writing for the firm could understand and apply. We won an award for it too, which was nice.

At the end of the day…

I’m in charge of bath and bedtime. If I have any energy left after that I like to ping a bit of pong, get out on the bike, or hunker down with the wife and a good box set.

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Matt Turner