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You spend your day doing what?

My day is all about making everyone’s life easier. I plan projects, field client briefs, provide feedback and strategic input, and proofread. I also quote on new jobs, and follow up our many word of mouth referrals. At the end of the day, I might brief the UK team on a tight deadline so they work as we sleep. I also organise our nights out.

All this frees up our writers to do what they do best – crafting copy that persuades, engages, excites and inspires…

Your view on good writing?

Good writing needs to pass one test. Does it meet the client’s objectives? That starts with quality insights, so it grabs the attention of the audience, communicates clearly, tells a good story and persuades.

Your best work

For me, it’s always about making the client the hero and making sure they get value from their investment. I enjoyed seeing our seasonal newspaper for Johnson Property Group, Vermont, take shape. It helped turn a new residential development into a real community, and there’s a feel good factor with so much positive feedback direct from the readers.

At the other extreme, defining, managing and executing complex projects with multiple decision-makers can be challenging, but it’s gratifying when it’s all done on time, on budget and has an impact. Here I’m thinking about what we achieved with the websites for Colonial First State and UNSW , as well as social selling and content strategies for Australia Post.

At the end of the day…

I walk (I don’t like to run). I read (anything from trashy magazines to travel blogs, good food guide restaurant reviews or one of the three novels on my bedside table). I indulge (a cold glass of vino, a cocktail or new clothes). I chat (to my friends, my kids and my poor husband about our renovations).

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Katrina Raftery