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You spend your day doing what?

All of the odd behaviour that makes up ‘writing’ – filling my notebook with scrawled notes, squinting at and re-writing sentences, whisper-reading paragraphs to myself, getting bursts of inspiration… followed by a quick Google search to check I am using ‘liquidity’ in the right context.

Basically the day is about deciphering briefs and source material, conducting interviews and then putting words together to tell a story.

Your secret to good writing

Context and empathy. Get to know your subject, client and audience. Research, ask questions and walk in someone else’s shoes (literally, if that’s your thing). Once you’ve gained that insight, you can write with impact. Also, take a step away every now and then to stretch and clear your head. Blood circulation works wonders for the writing brain.

Your best work

I really enjoy putting myself in the reader’s shoes (see above!) and building content to elicit an emotional response – I think this is when I do my best work. Successfully relating to the audience often comes down to tone of voice and I find it fun to put on different ‘voice hats.’

When I’m not writing I’m…

Going to the movies on my own (sheer bliss!), fantasising about my next road trip or surfing holiday, strolling around a gallery (and its gift shop), perusing a bookstore or the cured meats and cheese section of the deli, patting other people’s dogs at my local dog-friendly pub, and going on long, scenic strolls with friends or a good podcast. I’m also really into the West Wing right now.

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