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You spend your day doing what?

My passion – writing. But other stuff too, like researching the obscure and coming up with concepts. I like to think about what my client needs, and make sure my words do what they’re supposed to do. I always put myself in the reader’s shoes and consider if I would care about what I’m saying – and if I don’t, I craft a new strategy.

Your secret to good writing

Less is more. Whenever possible, delete the adjective or replace it with a verb. Readers get lost in language that demands their whole imagination. Get to the point and they’ll stay on track.

Your best work

I work best when the brief involves some creative strategy. I love crafting concepts, and weaving them into words. Otherwise, I’m a great editor and simplifier and can turn a complex brief into an easy task.

When I’m not writing I’m…

Still writing, probably. I always have a ton of projects on the go including university essays and my own creative work. When I have a rare break from pen and paper, you’ll find me reading a book, running in the park or enjoying a glass of red with friends.


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