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You spend your day doing what?

I spend my hours in the Writers office doing my darndest to transform complicated concepts into something even my dear mother can understand. The goal is to take the big, scary stuff and muscle it into something accessible, and maybe even a bit cuddly, to both help clients and readers. If even I can wrap my brain around it, then so can readers.

I also try to help out my fellow Writers whenever possible, whether it’s reviewing work, coming up with headlines, or just getting stuck in in the office or on Slack.

What’s the secret to good writing?

Good writing is all about making people want to read the next word. That’s much easier to do if the previous words weren’t a slog. I’ve got no time for jargon and less time for sentences spanning four lines. Give the people what they want and give it to ‘em quick.

At the end of the day…

I’m a big reader – comic books on the couch and book books in bed. I watch far too much sport – from teams back home in the US to clubs I’ve adopted in Australia and the UK. I play football (soccer in my native tongue) and volleyball – one far better than the other. For better or worse, you’re more likely to find me out than at home!


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