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Bondi Sculpture

Words with a view

Today’s post comes to you from sunny Bondi Beach and Sydney’s annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. I especially love this one by artist Dave Mercer. As a writer, I’m always a sucker for typography, but this also told me a whole story in one word.

It’s a clever juxtaposition of word and imagery – in this case, imagery supplied by mother nature. In a city where a water view can add another zero to a property’s value, in an age where just about anything of any value is trademarked.

Of course, it didn’t take a writer to come up with the word ‘view’, or a lawyer to suggest the trademark. But it did remind me of how important it is for a writer to collaborate with a designer during the creative process.

Clients often ask me when I need to be briefed, and generally (depending on the project) it makes a lot of sense to brief design and copy at the same time. We can then work together to make sure words, voice, design and imagery tell one compelling and thought-provoking story.

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