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Until recently, my experience of the Writers UK team had been limited to brief but amusing email exchanges, some eyebrow-raising anecdotes and pun-focused photography.

But in late October, it was a delight to get to visit the much-heard-of, never-before-met founders of Writers in their natural habitat.richard shorts writers uk

And natural they were with Richard our MD donned each day in a casual short. In 8-degree Bristol weather this was absurd to my shivering QLD blood, but did confirm my long held belief that relaxed attire is the hallmark of very clever writers.

Like any parallel universe, the visit to Writers UK highlighted to me that, while we’re oceans and pants lengths apart, at our core us Writers are all very much the same.

Together we share a love for simplifying the complex, a disdain for poorly used punctuation (Matt is very upset about the signage for we the curious, Bristol’s science centre, which besides being an awful name, should at the very least be we, the curious) and a joy in creating valuable work for our clients.

Speaking of clients, that’s one area our two teams do differ quite dramatically. In the UK I was working for a client established in 960 (yes, without the “1”), while Sara was back in Australia working on a start-up’s first annual report.

My days in Australia are often filled with writing long-form articles or emotive letters for not-for-profits. In the UK I was working on LinkedIn ad campaigns, recipe writing, London real estate testimonials and new website copy for Westminster Abbey (pick the client established in 960!).

The UK team are experts in putting personality on the page – be it punchy ad copy or directing a brand’s tone of voice. In Australia, we thrive in the thought leadership and content marketing space. Between us all, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

Spending time with the UK team confirmed for me that each of us at Writers has our own strength, but together we make a dynamic team.

p.s. Bristol is lovely – do visit sometime. It also has the world’s first suspension bridge!


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