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Tone of voice. Verbal identity. Brand language. Whatever you call it, each has the same aim: to bring consistency, coherence and character to the way an organisation expresses itself using words.

Think of The Economist, Apple, Virgin and First Direct. Each has a unique voice, and each understands how language can inspire trust, build loyalty, galvanise employees, forge connections and, ultimately, sell stuff. But tone of voice isn’t just for blue chips and big guns. Small and niche organisations can use it to their advantage, too.

You might want to start by simply agreeing some basic principles of good communication, and adding aspects of your personality when appropriate. Or maybe a full tone of voice project is the way to go – to uncover the words, messages and language that reflect your organisation’s values and personality. Either way, it’s about making sure the real you comes across, wherever your words appear.

You might also need tone of voice guidelines, training or coaching – for anyone who writes for your organisation or manages others who do. We can develop these for you too.

Clients come to us when they want to:

  • explore whether their existing tone of voice reflects who they are today
  • define who they are and what they should sound like
  • apply a tone of voice across all their communications
  • explain their tone of voice to their organisation
  • train or coach people to write in a specific tone of voice