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How many marketing messages do you think you’ve been exposed to today? A few dozen? A few hundred? Way back in 2007 the NY Times reported we see about 5,000 ads every day. Given the surge in digital marketing spend, I’m sure that figure has only increased – it’s no wonder we’re oblivious to most of that marketing clutter.

So if you’re trying to get your message across, how do you cut through the noise and get noticed? It’s all about being sticky.

Sticky marketing is memorable marketing – a message that audiences remember long after being exposed to it.

How can you be sticky? Try this:

Start with a simple, single message

It seems our collective attention spans are shot and we have the memory of a goldfish. So you only have a few seconds to hold anyone’s attention.

Forget about complicated messages, long lists of product features and stuffing your marketing materials with multiple messages.

Instead, stick to one idea. One point of difference. One call to action.

Be bold. Be different.

The black sheep had the right idea. Standing out is all about being different. Look at what your competitors do – and then do the opposite.

Stand out with a unique style, approach or offering.

Go left as they go right.

And don’t be afraid to polarise – it’s how you win fans.

Hire a storyteller

Crafting memorable messages is what we do best at Writers.

If you’re struggling to be sticky, turn it over to an expert copywriter who can tell your story simply and elegantly.


(Written by Kat Tate, Chief word nerd with Writers Australia)




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