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When I started as a writer almost ten years ago, ghostwriting wasn’t part of the plan. But it snuck up on me – and suddenly, I was backstage at fashion week. Interviewing famous make-up artists, designers and hairstylists for an online beauty mag, running back to the media pen, typing up listicles that would need to be published within the hour – all credited to the celebrity’s by-line.

This isn’t what most people imagine when they think of ghostwriting. Most picture celebrities and CEOs paying top dollar for an invisible writer to pen their latest vanity project in utmost secrecy. But the truth is, these days, no one cares if you wrote that article or not. They want your genuine insights and expertise. And unless you’re aiming for a Nobel Prize in Literature, they couldn’t care less who physically typed each word – so long as the perspective given is uniquely yours.

In today’s world where branded content is, quite literally, everywhere, people can be quick to dismiss an authorless article coming directly from a brand. But chances are you’re too busy running your business to regularly develop, write and publish insights (even if you’re a talented wordsmith) – and that’s where a ghostwriter can help.

Who can use a ghostwriter?

Anyone, really. At Writers, we regularly pen articles, presentations and LinkedIn profiles on behalf of everyone from academics and freelancers looking to boost their personal brands, to big business CEOs and their employees, small business owners and everything in between.

The most important questions to consider are: why are you writing this? And as with all content ever written, will anyone care?

Of course, we can write anything you want (within reason). But unless it’s –

a) something you are uniquely placed to comment on

b) interesting, relevant and timely

– it’s not going to be of much value, no matter how talented the writer may be.

How does the process work?

This depends on what we’re publishing and where – and how much of the work you’d like us to do.

Ghostwriting – as with any writing, for that matter – should begin with some thinking. For us, that might mean creating a content strategy and some key messaging or a synopsis, to give us a clear goal from the outset. This makes sure you get the most bang for your buck – in clicks and shares, new leads or followers, or even sales.

Sometimes, we’ll ghostwrite from a conference or event, where we’re able to do things on site such as live-tweet on your behalf, conduct interviews with guests, and then produce wrap-up articles and updates with a lightning-quick turnaround.

Most of the time, all we really need is a brief outline of what you’d like to say and why. The best way to do this is through a short interview to help us understand your personality and tone of voice. Then, we can undertake any research needed, and write an article you’ll be proud to put your name to.

But why does my opinion matter? My company already publishes content…

Because people trust people – not companies. And people are also profoundly more interesting. Publishing your direct insights (for the right reasons), is not only the easiest way to spread your message, it also makes your brand feel human. Your readers have the opportunity to peek into your company culture – and hear your opinion on what matters to them.

Importantly, these insights shouldn’t just come from your CEO. According to LinkedIn data, employees typically have 10 times the social reach of their company – so by encouraging and supporting your most talented employees to be ‘thought leaders’ you can really expand your audience base.

So why not give it a go? And if you don’t have the time to write it yourself, give a ghostwriter a call. We’re hiding in plain sight.




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