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There’s been a subtle shift in the Writers office down under. We used to spend most of our waking hours dreaming up clever copy for websites. Some mammoth 200-web-page overhauls, some for start ups with a shorter story to share. 

We’re still as busy as ever. But now it’s all about content. Ongoing, regular-commitment-to-readers type of content. Blogs, eNewsletters, print magazines, eBooks, white papers, case studies and animation scripts.

Why is content so hot right now? It seems some businesses have realised that to create customer loyalty, a long-term approach to creating relationships actually works. Rather than a fast and easy one-night-stand transaction.

Relationships are all about giving – sometimes without expectation of return.

And that’s what the best content is. It shows you care – because it’s all about them, not you. It’s so useful, yet you’re giving it away. It helps customers save time, save money, look great, feel smarter, do more.

We’ve already seen the impact with one client, where we’ve turned the content for their monthly eNews to small business clients upside down. No more product pushes. Lots of relevant, timely tips and interesting stories about other businesses like their audience. All backed by a carefully structured business-relevant theme and editorial calendar, of course.

And guess what. They measure engagement through click-throughs, and those have more than doubled. They’re getting inbound enquiries. Their stories are being shared with other decision makers.

So we know it’s true. Content can help you attract customers, keep them coming back, and encourage them to become your best advocates.

But it needs to have three magic ingredients:

  1. A relevant audience
  2. Meaningful content
  3. Consistent engagement

If you get that mix right, you’ll get at least one of the three magic returns on investment:

Is content playing a bigger part in your marketing strategy? Let us know!


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