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If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, you’ll know his theory about taking 10,000 hours of ‘deliberate practice’ to become exceptionally good at something.

In my experience, I’ve found that if all you do every single day is write – and write well – you certainly do get better.* And this, to be honest, is our secret sauce: experience. 

That’s how we make communications so much easier for our clients – and so much more effective.

But what do we actually write all day? Many clients are surprised when they realise the breadth of what we do with words. So we asked our friends at Ascender to help us tell that story visually.

How can Writers help you?

There are three parts to our writing process:

The thinking part

As Matt said a few months ago, writing really isn’t anything other than thinking made solid.

A good brief is certainly a good starting point. But sometimes a structured internal workshop can tease out the underlying, often hidden, crucial issues and ideas. So we might suggest running a brand position, customer journey or content strategy workshop.

We often interview people at this point as well. Marketing a new property development? We’ll talk directly to the architect, interior designer and landscape architect.

For a brand re-launch I love talking to the people at the customer coalface – sales teams. In one case, we uncovered what the real problem was – the product was uncompetitive. (Words can’t fix that.)

The writing part

All that thinking makes the writing process much easier for us – and more effective for our clients. And as you can see, we can turn all those insights into anything from a brand playbook to regular thought leadership content. Plus, of course, web copy – any changes to any of these things need to be reflected on your website.

The impact

The real reason we’ve been doing this for a long time is… our clients keep coming back to us. And they tell us that not only do we make it easier for them – they get a clearer understanding of what they actually do.

When you’re so busy inside your business every day, it’s hard to get that big picture perspective of what your activities really mean to your customers. And – unless you’re an experienced writer – even harder to articulate it.


*I’m pretty sure I’m close to clocking my 10,000th hour and I’m certain Matt, Tony and Richard already have.

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