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When you hire a copywriter, you are investing in clear, concise, and compelling content to convey your message. Whether it’s a research report with vital findings for your industry or a case study that convinces more people to use your products, you’ve invested good money in it.

But unfortunately, it’s not always a case of ‘build it and they will come’. To make the most of your investment in quality written content, you need to proactively push it out to your market. And a good copywriter can help you with this as well.

Here’s an example. When online financial advice platform Map My Plan asked Writers to put together a research report on the financial stress of working Australians, they’d already done some robust research. We created a narrative around the state of financial fitness in Australia (not up to scratch), and the serious effects it was having on Australian employers (billions of dollars in lost productivity).

It was a compelling story. But who was ever going to know about it if they left it at that? So Map My Plan also asked us to help spread the message far and wide.

Every figure has a story to tell

We started by penning a series of monthly blog posts using wordpress hosting services. We cherry-picked topical pieces of data and delved deep down into them, or put a new angle on them by referencing current events and popular news stories.

We took the data on gender and questioned why there were differences between men and women’s financial fitness, referring to reports on the gender pay gap. And we looked at the results based on age and work status, and related them to debates around Generations Y and X and the baby boomers, and the casualisation of the workforce.

As bite-sized blogs that appealed strongly to readers’ interests and concerns, the data worked to build Map My Plan’s authority with a wider audience – resonating more strongly with more people.

If you lead they will follow

To kickstart those shareable social media conversations, a copywriter can pull out compelling nuggets to capture attention on any social channel. And by teasing out specific findings or ideas in a deeper article or two for LinkedIn Pulse, you can gain visibility in your industry, make new connections and potentially discover new business opportunities.

To build hype and help Map My Plan really own the concept of financial fitness, we worked with them to create a 30-day financial fitness challenge – which they promoted through a series of Facebook posts. People could sign up, find out their financial fitness score, and then work through 30 days of habit-changing ‘exercises’ to lift that number.

The possibilities might surprise you

Once all that hype is created, you may just find you’ve earned yourself some extra publicity. Map My Plan’s founder was invited to write guest blog posts for external websites, like Canstar and IAG. (And yes, we took that off his to-do list as well).

We’re doing it all again for Map My Plan this year. But we’re also constantly thinking about how we can help our clients get more bang from their content (and marketing) buck. Hosting an event? Let’s find something to report on from it. Rolling out a batch of case studies? Let’s also turn some into media releases, or put those success stories into award submissions and tenders.

There are many ways to slice and dice your content – and a bit of thinking upfront can help you improve its return on investment.

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