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There’s really only one thing on everyone’s mind right now.

So much is unknown, and whatever we think we know changes on an hourly basis. However, having just spent the last week interviewing experts across the Asia-Pacific region on COVID-19’s business impact, I wanted to share three things I learned that I feel fairly certain about.

1. It has never been more important to communicate clearly

Everyone is looking to leaders to provide guidance and direction. You’re probably dealing with the double whammy of trying to sustain business-as-semi-usual marketing with emergency response comms to your teams, clients and partners. We get it, it’s tough.

2. The way we work will change now (probably forever)

At Writers, we’ve been busy helping clients with both those demands. Collaborating remotely is already one of our super powers – we’re meeting clients via Zoom and sharing ideas via Slack. You can expect things at our end to continue fairly seamlessly, and we’re happy to help you flex your remote working habits.

3. This will eventually come to an end

And when it does, we hope there will be a whole lot of pent up demand to meet. If you’re experiencing unexpected downtime, this might be a chance to ramp up virtual training or get those big ideas (the ones you’ve been too busy to kick off) underway. (And yes, we can run effective writing or brand messaging workshops via Zoom).

We’re always here to chat if you need to see a friendly face. Please stay healthy and safe over the coming weeks and months, and take care of your family, friends and community.

Cooped up at home? Here are three things the Writers Australia team suggest:

Listen to Nonna
If you’re still not clear on how to avoid spreading the virus, this Italian nonna has all the tips. She is the best.

Go with the flow
Break up the working-from-home day with exercise – try the Yoga Studio app or Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.

Catch up on your reading
While Love in the time of cholera might seem appropriate, our faves so far this year include Such a fun age (Kiley Reid) and Girl, Woman, Other (Bernadine Evaristo)

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