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Every thought-leader out there is telling us we need more content. Content that forms part of our overall marketing strategy and drives the business bottom line.

To do that, first there needs to be a fundamental shift in the way businesses approach content.

What is ‘good’ content?

It’s essential to understand how the average consumer views content. Consumers are savvier than ever, quick to recognise when they’re being sold to. 60% of people turn down sales-y content, yet 75% of marketers think content needs to frequently mention products and services.

Good content should:

Selling without the sales pitch

But how will not mentioning my products and services help me sell my products and services I hear you ask? The most important thing to bear in mind is that content marketing is a long game. Like a long, long game.

Selling this concept in to the person who’s footing the bill can be tough, so we’ve put together some ideas on demonstrating content marketing ROI.

  1. Track and trace: Whatever content you’ve got out there, you need data to show if it is or isn’t effective. Put an analytics system in place to do this automatically for you. Tag content. Embed pixels. Add tracking codes to social posts. Analyse things like session times, repeat visits and other loyalty measures.
  2. Know what success looks like: Understand the impact increased newsletter subscribers can have, as an example. Are they more likely to convert to paying customers than website visitors?
  3. Lurkers are good: Sometimes brand awareness is enough. An increase in visitors to your website can be great for getting your name out there – and making it stick. Word of mouth referrals are harder to track, but shouldn’t be underestimated.

 You can support these measures with direct customer feedback. Ask them how they found you or why they chose you, and add this to your collection of data.

Have you increased your spend on content marketing this year? What are you hoping to achieve? Leave a comment below.

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