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Notes from Content Marketing World – 1

I’ve been working with Writers’ Australia office for a month, and my visit coincided nicely with Content Marketing World 2015. This is the first in a series of short blogs on how it’s confirmed my personal understanding of the phenomenon, and the opportunities it presents to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Oh, and the... Read more

Why being single is better

Throw someone three tennis balls at the same time, and you’ll be lucky if they catch one. Throw someone a single tennis ball, and it’s more than likely they’ll catch it. The same principle applies to any marketing and advertising collateral, whether it’s direct mail, a web page or newsletter article. Without one single, compelling... Read more

Copywriting and the art of social selling

Sales has always been a social role. No matter what your business sells, it’s the relationship between two people that will make or break a deal. In a digital age, those connections are now created and often continued on social channels – which means that many salespeople are now being challenged to write about themselves,... Read more

Can a suit become a creative?

This year I moved from a client services role in an advertising agency to a copywriting role with the Australian office of Writers. Making the switch was something I’d always wanted but I did have my doubts about whether I’d pick up the creative role fast enough, and quite frankly, be any good at it! Read more

This little piggy…

The first one went to market. There were others, some eating/not eating roast beef/staying at home, I vaguely remember. For most people, though, it was all about the last one, which went ‘we, we, we’ all the way home. My word, I’ve stumbled upon an allegory for successful business communication! Read more

What makes content boring?

“It was more of a put-down magazine, than something you’d actually pick up and read…” That was one of the more insightful comments I heard at Content Marketing World in Sydney – from the refreshingly honest Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA). They were talking about their professional membership mag before they transformed it... Read more