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Words + Design = Story

Today’s post comes to you from sunny Bondi Beach and Sydney’s annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. I especially love this one by artist Dave Mercer. As a writer, I’m always a sucker for typography, but this also told me a whole story in one word. Read more

What’s THAT all about?

Have you noticed how some passages of copy seem littered with ‘that’? And how removing all the unnecessary ones instantly gives copy more flow and conversational tone? Read more

It’s not about you

We’ve all been stuck in conversations that are one-way traffic. You listen and nod as the other person talks about themselves, unable to get a word in, until eventually you realise there’s nothing in it for you, and your mind wanders off. Unfortunately, many businesses have the same problem. Read more

Does it meet the teenage test?

Way back in the seventies, my father* worked in the M&S merchandising department. Apparently they had a rule in management that all communication dispatched to the branches must first be read and understood by a 16-year old. If a branch received incomprehensible instructions, the chain of command would demand to know whether a teen had... Read more