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Ok, AI is here to stay. But this just means our audience will be craving humanity more than ever. And while this digital marketing revolution means cut-through campaigns and content will need to combine tech and creativity, it’s good to know new tools are here to help us save time and resources like for example SEO Boise. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites.

1. Trello

Trello is a bit like Pinterest for project management. All you have to do is log on, and browse your lists, customise and add cards when necessary. It’s very easy to use, with a highly visual layout that feels intuitive – like sticking post it notes on a board. But these notes are special, because you can add due dates, checklists, attachments and collaborators. Best of all, Trello can integrate with a wide range of programs, including Mailchimp, Slack, and Google Drive, to power-up your digital marketing strategy.

Blue Trello logo Digital MarketingPros: It’s free, and very easy to use.

Cons: You will need to manually input your lists.


Trello board with puppies Digital Marketing

Example Trello board (with puppies!)

2. Pixlr

Pixlr is an online photo-editing program, similar to Photoshop – but free. Just head to the website, upload your image, and start editing. It’s great for any simple fixes, like removing a small logo, but can be hard to use if you’re inexperienced with image editing software. Luckily, there are many tutorials available online, both on the Pixlr website and on Youtube.

Grey Pixlr logo Digital Marketing Pros: No need to download, or pay, for image editing software.

Cons: Very basic, and not great for any complex tasks.

3. Lumen5

 Lumen5 makes creating video content easy. Simply insert the link to your blog, and the platform will automatically create a customised video – complete with complementary imagery. Then, you have the option to customise your clip, by adding music, changing the words or visuals. And when you’re happy, it will buffer in less than 5 minutes, and be ready for publishing. This software works best for short digital marketing clips – like Instagram or Facebook brand advertising.

Blue Lumen 5 logo Digital MarketingPros: It’s free (with a choice to upgrade), and the videos look great

Cons: Free videos are labelled with the Lumen 5 watermark

See our Instagram Lumen5 experiment:

The truth about Writers ???? #writing #copywriting #writers #writersofinstagram #write #writewritewrite

A post shared by Writers (@writersinpictures) on

4. Prezi

 Prezi has taken the art of presentation to the next level. This web-based software allows you to create conversational slide decks that come to life with smart, customisable animations. There is a wide range of templates to choose from, all easily adaptable. And when you’ve finessed your presentation, you can simply create a link to access your Prezi from anywhere.

 Blue Prezi logo Digital MarketingPros: Looks fantastic, guaranteed to impress

Cons: Unless you’re a student or a teacher, you will need to buy a subscription.

 5. Boma

Boma digital marketing software is designed to make email and social campaigns easy. From one easy-to-use platform, users can distribute personalised messaging across multiple channels, and track their audience behaviours. The software then analyses this data to provide recommendations for future campaigns, getting smarter the more you use it.

Navy Boma Marketing logo Digital MarketingPros: Includes best-practice tips and tricks for social campaigns

Cons: You’ll have to pay a per-month subscription

6. Unsplash

Unsplash is a fantastic resource for copyright free imagery, offering access to over 300,000 unique pictures. These aren’t your typical stock images, but stunning photographs gifted by a community of photographers from all over the world. Just become an Unsplash member to gain access to unlimited high-resolution downloads. And once you’re a member, you will receive daily recommendations, and be able to organise and access your favourite images within your curated collections.

Black Unsplash logo Digital MarketingPros: Images are beautiful, and can be used without credit

Cons: To access all images, you must be a member (but membership is free)

Desk with computer, frames and whiteboard with scribbles Digital Marketing

Photo by Mia Baker on Unsplash

7. Canva

Canva is graphic design software for dummies. Simply by creating a free online account, you will have access to hundreds of design templates, spanning from email headers and Facebook banners to posters and letterheads. There are hundreds of fonts, images and colours to choose from, and you even have the option to download images in your preferred format.

Turquoise Canva logo Digital MarketingPros: Free, and very easy to use.

Cons: Premium graphics and images will need to be purchased at a small cost.


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    Thanks for sharing the list of tools. I only knew 2 of them, now I shall try the others

  2. Brindhavan says:

    wow great, I shall try all this now and will keep you posted.
    Thank you.

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